Kirsten S. Büchner

Kirsten has over 20 years of experience in the field of visitor studies. Kirsten was a senior research associate at the Institute for Learning Innovation, where she coordinated and conducted a number of applied research projects for zoos, history and natural history museums and science centers. Prior to that, Kirsten was an evaluator at the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum in Chicago, IL, where she conducted evaluation studies to inform the development of new exhibits and planetarium shows, as well conducted a series of wayfinding studies in conjunction with the expansion of the original building.

In 2003, Kirsten became an independent evaluation consultant (now d.b.a. Insight Evaluation Services or IES). Since then IES has worked with a variety of informal learning and cultural organizations on a range of projects, including front-end, formative and summative evaluation studies, as well as audience research projects. Kirsten has developed particular expertise working with institutions that are new to evaluation. She also works on projects funded by IMLS, NSF, and NASA, among others. Recently, Kirsten has been called on to consult on projects aimed at Latino and/or Spanish-speaking audiences.

Kirsten was born and raised in El Salvador and is a native Spanish speaker. She holds a B.S. in Accounting (magna cum laude) from Arizona State University and an M.A. in Museum Studies from New York University. Kirsten is a member of the American Evaluation Association and Visitor Studies Association.

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